5 Steps to a More Supported Immune System

In a world where sickness abounds and a virus has created mass chaos and change- it’s easy to doubt the intelligence of our body’s design more than ever. Thankfully, we’ve been gifted with an incredible immune system that is perfectly capable of fighting off any particle, bug or condition that is harmful to the body. We are often asked if there is anything we can do to better support and encourage that immune system to work at the highest level of function. We’ve compiled this list so you can easily put those steps into action.

It’s vital to remember that the immune system is completely controlled by the nervous system so any inefficiencies or dysfunction in that system will have a detrimental effect on our immunity and overall body defenses. This is why our first and most important item on the list is:

  • Get adjusted by your Chiropractor

When your brain is talking to your body and body back to your brain at the highest level of efficiency and effectiveness, your healing potential and overall immunity will be greatly strengthened. Chiropractic adjustments are designed to improve nerve function to the highest degree.

  • Get a full night’s sleep

Sleep is when your body goes into a “rest and recover” (parasympathetic dominant) state. Very important infection-fighting cells are also created during sleep! If you intend to fight off sickness at your best- you must also be fully rested.

  • Get active

Any type of activity that gets you moving around increases blood flow throughout the body which in turn helps to better nourish cells and remove cellular waste along with improving overall immune function by helping those immune cells to travel faster around the body.

  • Drink water

Water helps to flush the body of toxins and keeps cells at optimal hydration levels. Water is also the main component of lymphatic fluid which is a critical part of your immune system. When you are dehydrated you are at increased susceptibility for sickness and symptoms!

  • Get outside

Vitamin D has a significant positive effect on certain immune cell creation and development. People who spend more time outside and in the sunlight, also have lowered stress levels- something that is a huge benefit since stress greatly inhibits immune function.

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