Meet the Team

Kristine Stork

care director

“Be careful about reading health books. You may die of a misprint.”

Raised in Highlands Ranch, CO- Kristine went to Douglas County High School and played tennis while running cross country in exchange for universal love and affection. She also attended Colorado State University where she was connected with IZOD before being promoted to manage a Van Heusen store along with a Clarks later on. 



As a Colorado native- Kristine has a unique ability to understand the culture and how to best connect with our community. Starting in retail she built her superior marketing and customer service skills over a decade of helping people get what they want most before realizing that the most impactful way to do that was to help them achieve their health goals. A master at relationships and problem solving, Kristine is the person on our team to go to when you are feeling conflicted about something and do not know how to make it work.

Kristine is passionate about creating an exceptional environment at Treehive for everyone she meets. She and her husband Bryan welcomed their daughter Charley in 2021 and just welcomed their son, Walker. They’ve greatly enjoyed experiencing parenthood with family life. They have also rescued an adorable pit-mix puppy named Reddington who is a favorite among the South Denver community when he shows up for events and appearances.

Taylor Lofton

Patient Care Specialist

“Our bodies are amazing – they tell us what we need, we just need to listen to them.”

Taylor is a Texas native that was raised in the piney woods. He enjoys anything Texas related especially sports and food. Taylor has recently completed his second cross-country move and is enjoying the change in weather and scenery. Taylor is passionate about rethinking how we view the body and how it works. This passion leads him in helping him provide patients with a better experience and support providers in what they do.



When Taylor was in high school he was heavily involved in the Special Olympics which gave him a heart for children with special needs. Raised in Gilmer, Texas, he later moved to San Marcos, Texas (just south of Austin) to get his Bachelors degree in Exercise and Sports Science. After he graduated, he accomplished his first move across the country to Marietta, Georgia where he started his Doctorate in Chiropractic in 2019. In Georgia, Taylor met the love of his life and had their first date at Taphouse Brewery and had their second date the next day. Taylor is someone that has learned how to solve many problems, especially when it comes to the body and how it functions. Taylor is a valued member of the Treehive team and is someone that you can always come to and ask questions. When he is not in the office, he is working out in the gym, playing outside with his dog named Rollo, or exploring Colorado. 


Assistant People Lover, Office Mascot

“My soul purpose is to lick everyone I meet and get them to scratch my butt.”

Reese is easily the most popular member of our team. Do not let her looks confuse you- she’s all girl- even though she has a better beard than most guys. She attended the Harvard of service dog training schools. Reese has been known to be an extreme couponer who shushes people in church. She also gets very offended if you do not take her handouts.

Reese is a team player and is also self-motivated to sweep the floor with her tail diligently whenever she sits close to you. If you are needing a little lick on the hand or some pet therapy- she’s your girl all day every day. Very gentle and sweet always. Reese is happy to be your friend, but she probably won’t ever stray too far from her main squeeze- Dr. Tim.