Process of Care


The process at Treehive chiropractic starts off with a phone call, a conversation, an invitation, anything that leads to you scheduling your initial interview, and assessment and examination here at the office. From there, when you walk in the door, you’re going to be greeted by a friendly team member and they’re going to offer a complimentary insurance benefits check, as well as grab any necessary information and help walk you through the application process if you haven’t already filled that out beforehand. 


Once that’s all completed, you’re then going to go through a personalized new practice member interview, where we discover your health challenges and some of the root causes to your health challenges just by talking through your story. 


From there, one of our doctors will perform a hands on examination and call for any additional testing whether that’s a nerve assessment, muscle assessment, a heart rate variability check, or spinal postural x rays. We do a four view motion study that allows us to see where those vertebrae are stuck, fixated, restricted and interfering with the nervous system in the function of the body. And then that concludes the first visit.


On the second visit, we’re going to sit down and do a personalized report of findings where we talk through not only our findings on the X ray from the examination and putting all those pieces together, but we talked through what our recommendations for care will be and why our recommendations for care look that way. We’ll walk through the timeline for care with corrective care and wellness care, and what you can expect for both of those as well as any care process specifics, whether that’s homework assignments, whether that’s how often they’re going to get adjusted in the office and then we’ll conclude that with going over any costs, and associated insurance information at that time, so that everybody always knows upfront what to expect, so that they can plan for it and there’s no surprises. 


From there, that person will have the ability to get their first chiropractic adjustment in our office. And then following that, the process would then just be for them to follow their recommendations for care getting their adjustments in the office following their homework recommendations at home and we do reexaminations every few visits throughout to constantly assess our progress and make sure that we’re moving forward in a positive direction.

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