Tips for Holiday Mindfulness

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from your friends at Treehive Chiropractic! The holidays are an incredible time for connection with family and friends, but they often bring with them an increase in activity, and with that, an increase in stress. But the bad stress of worrying about getting that perfect gift for your significant other, isn’t the only kind of stress your body pays attention to. Even if your holidays are nothing but merry and bright, research shows that your body actually responds to good stress in much the same way that it responds to bad stress. Between traveling, additional tasks on the to-do list, and all that extra sugar from those Christmas cookies you love so much—your body will feel the toll. So even though it’s a season full of such good things, don’t let your weekly adjustment be the first thing to kick off your Christmas to-do list. 

Here at Treehive Chiropractic, your regular adjustments will help your body adapt to the stress that the holidays bring, both the good, and the bad. (Did Aunt Sally ask when you are going to have kids again? Does Uncle Jim still not understand what you do for a living? We know the feeling.) Specific, neurological adjustments like the ones given here at Treehive, widen your body’s capacity to handle both good and bad stress, allowing you to show up as your best self throughout the holiday hustle and bustle.

But aside from your regular stretches and adjustments, we’d love to share with you another incredibly impactful way you can support your nervous system this holiday season: the practice of Mindfulness. 


1. Build a Gratitude Journal

Leading up to the holiday festivities, you might try doing some gratitude journaling. Even just taking a few minutes every day to write down something that brings light to your life can help shift your mindset away from the stress of the busy season, and towards the more grounded aspects of a life that is worth celebrating every day. 

2. Set intentions and release expectations

Say hello to more peace, and less frustration with this mindfulness exercise. As with all things in life, the holidays are often a case of “best laid plans” that do not always go as planned. Someone gets sick, the holiday treats didn’t turn out right, or perhaps your spouse’s Christmas gift got lost in the mail. At the holidays especially, flexibility is important—so when you get up in the morning, as you set your plans for the day try to set intentions rather than expectations. This will allow you to move towards what you are hoping for, while staying flexible in the moments that do not go as you would have planned.

3. Eat mindfully leading up to the holiday celebrations

The holidays are a time of special foods, and there is incredible sensory joy in partaking of these incredible dishes. Mindful eating leading up to the holidays will really allow you to enjoy the experience all the more. So slow down, chew your food, and really pay attention to the flavors. When you practice mindful eating, you enjoy your food more fully, improve digestion, while also paying attention to the nutrients your body needs to feel content and healthy during this stressful time of year.

4. Schedule meditation/prayer and moments of silence into your days (especially when going out of town)

Depending on how many small children live in your home, this one may feel next to impossible. But just a few moments away from the chaos will allow you to be more grounded and fully enjoy the people you are with in any given moment. Try taking the first sips of your morning coffee or tea in the cold quiet of your front porch. Sneak a moment in between your Christmas shopping errands for a meditation in the privacy of your car. If you are staying with family and friends, don’t be afraid to disappear for a moment to take a breath. Step outside; let the cold and the quiet surround you. Take a moment to tune in to your inner voice. Relax your shoulders and your jaw. Take a deep breath, and remember that you are loved. Then you’ll be ready to go back in and join in the merriment.

5. Schedule alone time after the holidays to rest

It’s no secret that sometimes a trip for Christmas vacation, can leave you feeling even more in need of a vacation. So do yourself a favor and schedule time to rest after the holiday festivities have concluded. If you can, take an extra day off of work. If that’s not an option, plan to spend the first few evenings back with some restorative Netflix and chill time, a hot epsom salt bath, or return to the pages of a favorite novel. Eat off paper plates, don’t be afraid to use that spare frozen pizza you’ve been keeping for a rainy day, or be content to live off popcorn and leftovers. The days between holidays can often feel frantic and frazzled, everyone scrambling to make goals for the new year, but they don’t have to be. Remember, rest is just as important as work and play. Each much be taken in measure to make for a sustainable and full life. 

We hope you found these tips for holiday mindfulness encouraging and accessible. As always, thank you for being here at Treehive, and thank you so much for trusting us with your help this year. We cannot wait for all that the New Year will bring. 

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